What We Buy

What We Don't Buy

    Bring us your ferrous scrap (metal that sticks to a magnet) and get paid. It's an easy way to make some extra cash, clean up the environment, and avoid ever increasing dump fees.

We recycle appliances and equipment commonly found in homes and businesses, that would normally go to the landfill, such as: Refrigerators, stoves, freezers, water heaters, washer/dryer, lawn mowers, farm equipment, microwave ovens and more.

    We also pay you for all non-ferrous metals, such as: All types of aluminum (cans, sheet, wheels, etc), copper, brass, stainless, auto parts, insulated wire, lead, batteries and more.

 For the safety of our employees, protection of the environment and obedience to law we CANNOT accept the following items:

  • Solid waste such as wood, plastic, glass, concrete, trash
  • Closed containers, all tanks and containers must be clearly open and free of any contaminants
  • Radioactive or explosive material
  • Infectious material- sharps or needles
  • Capacitors and ballasts that contain PCB's
  • TV's or Computer Monitors
  • Chain link fence in sections greater that 6 ft in length
  • Vapor lamps and other items containing mercury

Shopping carts, traffic signs, manhole covers, beer kegs, railroad scrap and landmark designation signs must be accompanied by a letter from the city or business to whom they belong, listing all items and stating a clear and concise intent to recycle them. The letter will be followed up with a phone call to a city official or business executive for further verification.

                         We Do NOT Buy Stolen Items.

         We Cooperate Fully With Local Law Enforcement